Votex Side Flail Mower Roadflex

Votex Roadflex Side Flail Mower

The RoadFlex unites the side flail mower and the in-line flail mower into a single machine. A side shift of almost 250 cm enables the machine to mow at the rear as well as the side of the tractor. The mowing head is always close to the rear of the tractor so that the centre of gravity lies close to the rear axle.

A unique feature of the RoadFlex is the three-point linkage with its hydraulic break away system. This system provides protection against collisions with obstacles and increases comfort during mowing activities. In addition, it reduces the strain on the flail mower chassis and the lifting device of the tractor. This benefits the mower’s lifecycle.

The Votex RoadFlex: the incredibly versatile flail mower.

Votex Roadflex Flail Mower Features

  • Side shift of almost 250 cm
  • Can work behind or beside the tractor
  • Hydraulic break away system
  • Quick manouvering around obstacles
  • Extremely short to the tractor for optimum control
  • Very high comfort for the driver
  • Works more efficient and quick
  • Optional: a rotor axle with 1,3 kg hammerflails

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