Votex Boom Mower

Votex Clipper Boom Mower

The machine for places that are hard to reach. The compact design and the well balanced position of the different components keep the Clipper stable, even with tractors with a smaller gauge. Flail mowers and trimmers can be mounted to the Clipper, which makes it very versatile. The machine has its own hydraulic system for both the mowing head as well as for the different hydraulic functions of the booms. Therefore the Clipper is in no way demanding towards your tractor.

The Votex Clipper turns the simplest tractor into a very manoeuvrable machine, useful at places where other machines are not able to reach.

The Votex Clipper. In case you want to reach more.

Votex Clipper Boom Mower Features

  • The mower for places that are hard to reach
  • Suited for light to medium-weight tractors
  • Flail mowers and hedge trimmers can be mounted onto the Clipper
  • The machine has its own hydraulic system

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