Tiger WildKat Boom Mower

Tiger WildKat (Side Shift) Flail or Rotary Mower

The WILDKAT (Side Shift w/ ARCH) mower operates like a side mower with a swing system like a boom mower. The WildKat mower gives the operator the ability to shift the cutter head horizontally up to 29½ inches with the hydraulic control system.

The WildKat's ARCH BOOM design with the combined side shift features gives the mower a maximum reach out of 16 feet and a reach up of 12.8 feet. Now you can reach up and mow like a boom mower with the maneuverability to mow around obstacles like signage, delineator poles and guard rail systems. Designed with cable controls or an electronic joystick control system, the operator can achieve maximum performance in all types of vegetation.

The mower also features a hydraulic breakaway system should the mower impact something while mowing. Simply stow the cutter head in the rear transport rest when finished mowing and safely travel to and from the job site easily.

60" Rotary Features:

  • Reach Out: 15.1' max - 10.6' min
  • Reach Out @ Max Down: 7.4'
  • Reach Down: 5.3'
  • Reach Up: 11.3'
  • Reach Out @ Max Up: 10.5'
  • Reach In: 5.7'

75" Flail Features:

  • Reach Out: 16.0' max - 11.8' min
  • Reach Out @ Max Down: 8.8'
  • Reach Down: 5.9'
  • Reach Up: 12.8'
  • Reach Out @ Max Up: 8.1'
  • Reach In: 5.5'

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