Tiger TK Flexwing Rotary Mower

Tiger TrailKat Flexwing Rotary Mowers - TK 120 & 180

The Tiger TK Series of flexwing rotary mowers are the latest in computer enhanced engineering design with Tiger's proven performance. This series of flexwing mowers are engineered to add flexibility, production and value to your tractor. In a single pass, your mower can devour 10 to 15 feet of the most demanding terrain with ease.

Tiger TK Flexwing Rotary Mower Features

  • TK series comes in 10' and 15' models.
  • Deck protection rings come standard and protects the underside of the cutter deck. Clockwise rotation standard.
  • Unique blade pan carrier and stump jumper, standard on TK-120 & TK-180.
  • Double row safety chains along front and rear of mower.
  • Gear boxes have cast lower seal protection and monolithic housings.
  • Designed for tractors with 540 PTO. (Optional 1000 PTO available).
  • Narrow transport width allows the mower to be transported easily down narrow roads.

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