Tiger RBF-2C Rear Boom Flail Mower

Tiger RBF-2C Rear Boom Flail Mower with Offset

With hydraulic side shift of 2'6", the RBF-2C series of flail mowers have a cutting width of either 63 or 80 inches. The RBF-2C is capable of cutting in a 140° arc from 90° above to 50° below horizontal. Mechanical break away protection features auto returning.

Tiger RBF-2C Boom Mower Features

  • Reach Out: Up to 12'
  • Cutting Head Width: 63" or 80"
  • Ground Roller: 6"
  • Mechanical Break Away


  • 55 horsepower minimum tractor
  • PTO 540/1,000 Cat. II hitch
  • 2 hydraulic outlets

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