Tiger TFR Flexwing Rotary Mower

Tiger Heavy Duty Flexwing Rotary Mowers - TFR HD 120 & 180

The Tiger TFR Heavy Duty Series of flexwing rotary mowers are the latest in computer enhanced engineering designed with Tiger's proven performance. The single domed deck eliminates weight while providing a deeper side skirt to allow for a better cut and more material flow through. Let the efficiency and design help you cut more miles in a single pass with the Tiger TFR Heavy Duty Flexwing mowers.

Tiger TFR HD Flexwing Rotary Mower Features

  • HD design offers center section tandem axles which provides a smooth operation over rough surfaces and slopes.
  • Deck protection rings come standard and protects the underside of the cutter deck. Clockwise rotation standard.
  • Front double row safety chains along front and back of mower along with Hitch jack come standard.
  • Heavy duty slip clutch made with nitride steel surface to reduce sticking in damp conditions.
  • Designed for tractors with 540 PTO. (Optional 1000 PTO available).
  • Narrow transport width allows the mower to be transported easily down narrow roads.

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