Spearhead Stubble Master 910 Rotary Mulcher

Spearhead Stubble Master 910 Rotary Mulcher

The Stubble Master 910 is designed with high output in mind, providing 9.1 metres of cutting width to deliver superb performance in the largest arable and aviation support markets in the world.

Designed to appeal to large scale farmers, contractors and aviation facilities, the Stubble Master 910 boasts an abundance of design features including an innovative folding mechanism that ensures a compact transport position.

Supplied standard with Spearhead’s unique six-blade Starcut blade system, the machine incorporates a delta style deck, large wheels and tyres, balancing tie bars, fine height control and a smooth, easy to clean monocoque deck design.

Like its smaller siblings, the Stubble Master 910 provides a fine mulch and efficient spread to ensure the best in crop stubble residue decomposition for effective incorporation back into the soil.

Spearhead Stubble Master 910 Features

  • 9.1 metre cutting width
  • 190hp minimum tractor requirement
  • Heavy duty 250hp input gearbox
  • Heavy duty 116hp rotor gearboxes
  • Slip clutch protection
  • 8 large pneumatic rear wheels
  • Anti-scalp rotor protection dishes
  • 30 x heavy duty cutting blades (6 per rotor)
  • Floating wings
  • Rear lighting kit

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