Spearhead Multicut 460 Rotary Mower

Spearhead Multicut 460

The Multicut 460 has an award winning heritage of reliability and performance that sets it apart from the rest. Each rotor carries three high-lift swinging blades to provide an exceptionally clean cut and even spread of material.

The robust, sprung steel blades will produce a fine finish on amenity parkland and paddocks or cut and mulch heavy set-aside and light scrub with ease.

The durability designed into this mower makes it the first choice of intensive users throughout the world where reliability is paramount.

Spearhead Multicut 460 Mower Features

  • 4.60 metre cutting width
  • 70hp minimum tractor power requirement
  • Heavy duty 250hp input gearbox
  • Heavy duty 111hp rotor gearboxes
  • Slip clutch protection
  • 8 pneumatic rear wheels
  • Anti-scalp rotor protection dishes
  • 9 x heavy duty cutting blades (3 per rotor)
  • Floating wings
  • Rear lighting kit

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