Spearhead Multicut 430 Rotary Mower

Spearhead Multicut 430

The Multicut 430 is an entry level, mounted wide area mower capable of high output in varied conditions from parkland to open pasture.

The machine features three rotors, each with double blade holders and robust 13 millimetre thick spring steel blades capable of cutting and mulching scrub up to 80 millimetre thickness.

Like its smaller siblings the Multicut 430 incorporates floating linkage combined on this model with wing float. Height adjustment is achieved via four trailing wheels and replaceable side skids offer protection on the most uneven ground contours.

The special “high-lift” blades combined with the unique design of the under-deck provide a uniform full width, fanned spread of mulched mowings, leaving a very professional finish.

Spearhead Multicut 430 Mower Features

  • 4.30 metre cutting width
  • 70hp minimum tractor power requirement
  • Hydraulically folds to transport width of 1.90m
  • Slip clutch protection
  • Accurate height control – rear castor wheels
  • Puncture resistant laminated tyres
  • Anti-scalp rotor protection dishes
  • 6 x heavy duty cutting blades (2 per rotor)
  • Floating linkage
  • Replaceable full length side skids

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