Spearhead Barrier Mower

Spearhead Destroyer

The Destroyer is a formidable machine designed to cut and pulverise heavy scrub and forestry re-growth.

The heavy duty Destroyer features a 12 millimetre steel deck fabricated to the highest standards coupled with a 70 millimetre gearbox mounting point both which are fully reinforced to protect against any metal fatigue.

The drive is taken through a massive bevel gearbox; continuous rated at 150hp with a four plate slip clutch for shock protection.

Beneath the deck are three huge free swinging blades weighing 7kg each and all performing like spinning axes with a tip speed of 83 metres per second.

Spearhead Destroyer Mower Features

  • 1.9 metre cutting width
  • 100hp minimum tractor requirement
  • Heavy duty 150HP gearbox
  • Four plate slip clutch protection
  • All steel 12 millimetre deck construction
  • Adjustable skids
  • Dual edged blades for bi-directional cutting
  • Rear bull bar
  • 3 x 7kg heavy duty cutting blades

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