Spearhead Rollicut Mower

Spearhead Rollicut 170/230 Mowers

The Spearhead Rollicut series is ideal for matching to compact tractors and excels in parkland, amenity mowing, golf course, orchard and paddock topping applications.

Robust in construction, the Rollicut is designed to give a finish comparable to cylinder mowers, but without the expensive maintenance costs.

Mounted with Spearhead’s signature three blade rotor design and high-lift suction style blades, the heavily baffled rotors provide a high speed chopping action that pulverizes grass and other annual growth into a fine mulch, distributing the chopped cuttings evenly behind the machine.

There are no windrows or rotting grass lumps left in the field, in fact regular turf maintenance utilizing this exemplary fine turf cutter will vastly improve grass growth rate, encouraging the grass to tiller out.

The machine is belt driven to provide maximum output in all applications, additionally a superb cut height can be achieved by adjusting the four simple adjuster bolts at each corner of the mower.

Running costs are much lower than cylinder mowers as there is no sharpening required. The blades are free to swing back should they meet an obstruction allowing the most demanding of mowing situations to be tackled.

Spearhead Rollicut Mower Features

  • 1.7 and 2.3 metre cutting widths
  • 35hp minimum tractor requirement
  • 10 to 130mm cutting heights
  • 20 millimetre maximum cutting diameter
  • 78m/sec tip speed
  • High-lift cutting blades
  • Three blade rotor
  • Monocoque deck design
  • 168 millimetre diameter full width rear roller
  • Rear rubber flap kit

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