Spearhead Outfront Flail Mower

Spearhead Outfront Flail Mower

Tractor matched to most forward control tractors, the Spearhead Outfront Flail delivers consistently high output in wet or dry conditions, long grass or short, fine turf or rank weeds.

The Outfront flail cuts cleanly with special “scoop” type flails revolving at 2000rpm. This high rotor speed and enhanced flail shape combine to create a significant updraft to raise laid material and ensure every stem is cut and mulched.

The wide edged flails are arranged on a double spiral for smooth, efficient running and have considerable overlap to ensure nothing is missed and a close and even cut results.

Running costs are much lower than rotary or cylinder mowers as there is no sharpening required. The flails are free to swing back should they meet an obstruction allowing the most demanding of mowing situations to be tackled.

Operation is simplicity itself with the mower attached using only two pins and a PTO shaft. Cutting height is adjusted without the use of spanners by the easy to adjust front castor wheels and a rear roller provides an attractive striped finish.

Spearhead Outfront Flail Mower Features

  • 1.3 and 1.6 metre cutting widths
  • 8 to 130mm cutting heights
  • Dynamically balanced spiral rotor
  • 24 and 32 Scoop type flails for a clean and uniform cut
  • 115mm diameter full width rear roller
  • Heavy duty 60hp power gearbox
  • Full width rear discharge for even spread
  • Pneumatic front wheels
  • Rear rubber flap kit

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