Herder Ecological Mower Attachment

Herder Ecological Mower Attachment

The ecological mower can be deployed to mow road verges and slopes. This mower has several advantages compared to the traditional clapper mower. Application of the circular mowing principle enhances its cutting efficiency. The ecological mower needs less power and therefore consumes less fuel. This reduces both the running costs and the impact on the environment.

The greatest advantage of the ecological mower is that nature is managed in a natural way with minimum damage to flora and fauna, so that road verges and slopes can be properly maintained even in places where clapper mowers are forbidden. The mechanical load placed on the mower by the tool is kept low by using the suspension position in combination with support dishes and a roller. This causes less damage to the surface. Thanks to the high rate of vegetation input to the ecological mower, its capacity is comparable to that of the clapper mower.

Herder Ecological Mower Features

  • Causes minimum damage to flora and fauna.
  • Capacity is comparable to that of a clapper mower.
  • Can be used where clapper mowers are forbidden.
  • Very efficient, due to the application of the circular mowing principle.
  • Needs less power, and therefore less fuel, reducing running costs and environmental impact.

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