Diamond Rear Rotary Mowers

Diamond Rear Rotary Mowers

Rear Rotary Mowers are self-propelled, hydraulically driven, rear mounted, rotary mowers which mow behind the tractor.

Diamond Rear Rotary Mower Features

Add to any Side Rotary setup for a complete Twin Rotary Mower.

Cutting assemply is 30.5″ solid one-inch thick steel dish with three (3) 360 degree swinging, single edged, brush or grass suction knives, attached to the dish.

Rear Rotary comes complete, ready to mount to tractor.

Twin Rotary requires 3 spool valve or 3 hydraulic remotes.


(adapts to existing side or boom mower)

  • 60" Rear Rotary added to Complete Twin
  • 72" Rear Rotary added to Complete Twin

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