Diamond Rear Swing Flail Mower

Diamond Rear Swing Flail Mowers

This highly versatile attachment goes into places and into conditions where a tractor and rotary system shouldn't or simply can't.


Our Rear Swing Flail (RSF) is engineered to provide a well-groomed finished cut, as opposed to the rough and ragged cut of a rotary mower. The Diamond RSF is ideal for road and irrigation ditch maintenance. The RSF excels where frequent brush, rock and debris build-up occurs, like old fence lines.

The RSF reaches and trims back roadside brush by utilizing a 90° vertical cut feature.

The Diamond RSF also performs best on your bottom line by cutting out waste and expense versus the typical mid-mount flail.


Using the right tool for the job is always the first rule of safety. By simply choosing the Diamond Rear Swing Flail, you are already working safer. In addition, the RSF has some heavy-duty safety thinking built right in.

Our ultra-protective bonnet shields more cutting area than a rotary unit, keeping operator and others safer. Also, instead of a large, bulky rotary knife, our individual flail knives are engineered to be far less likely to propel rocks and other nastiness.


  • Swing out past the rear tire on most tractors
  • Mows at a 50° down angle
  • Mows at a 90° vertical angle
  • Get a finished cut in hard-to-reach places with side shift and drop
  • Able to run in standard or reverse rotation to match cutting conditions

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