Diamond Boom Forestry Head

Diamond Mowers Boom Forestry Head

Cut. Grind. Mulch.

Making the most out of everything you have is what we do at Diamond Mowers. The 36" Boom Forestry Head is just one of Diamond’s latest Made-In-The-USA innovations, turning trees into mulch while grinding stumps flush to the ground...all 10 times faster than a typical rotary head.

Safer than using a boom rotary, Diamond’s Forestry Head includes an open front exposing the blade to feed material quickly, while steel deflectors with full casing directs material down safely after it’s mulched.

Cutting Power

Diamond’s unique design includes teeth on the perimeter of the blade, as well as cutting teeth and knives on the bottom of the disc to allow the head to come straight down on top of trees.

20 replaceable hardened steel teeth cut cleanly and efficiently. With the ability to cut on all four sides, the teeth can be rotated for longer-lasting parts.

Center-mounted teeth eliminate a dead spot that other equipment encounters, making Diamond’s Forestry Head faster and more effective. Two knives located in the center create additional mulching capacity, allowing the head to cut, grind and mulch with the entire blad

This compact, boom-mounted forestry head is designed exclusively for brush cutting applications.

36" Boom Forestry Head

  • Cuts up to 18" diameter.
  • Increases asset utilization and enhances budgets.
  • Ideally used for large trees and brush.
  • Fully extend your boom to reach the tree top and bring blade straight down to mulch it.
  • For larger trees, use multiple downward passes.
  • Includes D2 spindle with spherical roller bearings and patent pending replaceable insert.
  • Uses common motors to help with serviceability and part availability.

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