Diamond Mowers Boom Ditcher Head

Diamond Boom Ditcher Head

One tough tool in your arsenal for roadside maintenance.

Using 22 inch blades, the Boom Arm Ditcher powers through soil and vegetation to create new ditches or repairs existing ones that have been filled in with mud, soot and other debris.

Whether you're using it to create an embarkment or toss the dirt away from the ditch, the Boom Arm Ditcher is a heavy-duty tool for roadside maintenance and a powerful attachment for your boom mower.

Boom Ditcher head that is hydraulically driven, attached to boom arm, which digs forward and right of the right rear tire. Cutting width of 22".

Cutting assembly shall be steel disk that is 1/2" thick with three (3) gusseted knife mounting pads, and three (3) gusseted clean up mounting pads attached.

Knives are replaceable and 3/8" thick.

Ditcher head comes complete with all necessary hardware and components needed to fit any size boom length.

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