Diamond All American Disc

All American Disc

Chews it up and spits it out. The All American Disc is an efficient tool for preparing gravel and maintaining roadside edges. The All American Disc is specially designed to remove clumps of rooted materials and create an even grade. Attach this shoulder maintainer in the spring or fall, and create that smooth transfer from the shoulder to the road, and direct water runoff to where it belongs—in the ditch.

Diamond Mowers All American Disc

  • Efficient tool for grading road shoulders
  • Removes berm on roadside edge to enhance water runoff
  • Prepares gravel on roadside edge for smooth, efficient transfer to road crown.
  • Removes clumps of rooted material for even grading
  • Disc Blades are 22" in diameter and made from quality materials for years of trouble free service.
  • Attaches to any tractor with a Category II 3-Point Hitch or the maul board of a Grader.

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