Bomford Twin-Blade Topper

Bomford Twin-Blade Topper

The new more robust Bomford Twin-Blade is a flexible, efficient, in-line or offset topper. The Twin-Blade grass topper is perfect for paddocks and headlands.

The range extends from 1.8m and semi-offset (2.4m/2.7m) to 2.4m fully offset. The Twin-Blade also features cast-iron gearboxes and protected drivelines. Simple, adjustable skids on this machine are key to a smooth operation.

Bomford Twin-Blade Topper Features:

  • Shaft Driven
  • 1.8m, 2.4m offset and 2.7m cutting width
  • Variable cutting height
  • Shearbolt and overrun gearbox protection
  • Cat 1 or Cat II three point linkage

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