Bomford Tri-Blade Topper

Bomford Tri-Blade Topper

The Tri-Blade mowers are heavy duty and robust. Three sets of newly designed heavy duty timed blades ensure strip free cutting, with adjustable cutting height of between 25mm (1″) and 225mm (9″), the Bomford Tri-Blade 3000 offers superb versatility, which makes them ideal for sports ground and field topping.

Driven through 1000 rpm independent gearboxes, with rubber pto shaft couplings to offer further protection against debris impact, the tri-blade delivers power direct to the blades. Slip clutch protection on each pto shaft ensures longevity of the independent gearboxes.


  • 2.75m cutting width
  • 3.0m transport width
  • Variable cutting height
  • Three sets of timed blades
  • Slip clutch protection
  • Front and rear heavy duty chain guards
  • Cat II three point linkage
  • 1000 rpm gearbox driven

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